Adhesives for Architectural Graphics

Updating the exterior or interior of buildings and spaces is simple with our durable emulsion and solvent adhesives. Corporate identity changes? New brand campaigns? We make it easy to adapt.

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Our adhesives for architectural graphics are as versatile as the applications they enable. From floor, wall and window decorative graphics to wayfinding and safety solutions, our adhesives meet the need. Water resistance, UV resistance, shatter resistance and energy conservation are among the functional benefits of our adhesives for architectural graphics can make a noticeable difference in the building as well as on the bottom line. Seeking a custom adhesive for a unique application? Talk to us. Our experts can customize solutions for specific applications. All testing was conducted at a 25gsm coat weight on stainless steel.


Spec 180° Peel Initial 180° Peel Final Loop Tack  Shear 1/2"x1/2"x500g Low Temp Performance High Temp Performance Low Surface Energy Perf.
SP 2020
SP 2085
SP 3068
SP 5014
SP 7011
SP 3022