Adhesives for Electronics Tapes

Our emulsion and solvent tape adhesives offer the next-generation electronics designers the advanced performance solutions they need for the industry’s increasing miniaturization requirements.

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From low outgassing and high temperature electronics tape adhesives to tape adhesives for low surface energy and vibration dampening performance our products provide the reliability, flexibility and long-term stability electronics designers want. Need high bonding power under static and dynamic loads? Talk to us. Our Performance Polymers’ professionals have the expertise to customize specific solutions. All testing was conducted at a 25gsm coat weight on stainless steel.


Spec 180° Peel Initial 180° Peel Final Loop Tack  Shear 1/2"x1/2"x500g Low Temp Performance High Temp Performance Low Surface Energy Perf.
SP 2020
SP 2085
SP 3068
SP 4001*
SP 4002*
SP 4005*
SP 4087
SP 5014
SP 7011
SP 4091
SP 1036*
SP 5084*
SP 3022

* Crosslinked with Isocyanate